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Liquid Salts

Ionic liquids are a new class of technical products and are molten, organic salts that can be liquid at temperatures as low as minus 90° C. They are not solutions of ionic compounds in a molecular solvent – these would be ionic solutions with entirely different properties. Like all salts, they always consist of one anion and one organic cation.

The chemical-physical properties of ionic liquids can be adapted very well to given technical objectives. proionic does this by functionalizing the anion and cation in a targeted manner and systematically combining various functionalized anions and cations with the powerful CBILS® manufacturing process for ionic liquids.
Key features - ILs

  • remain liquid over extremely large ranges of temperature
  • do not evaporate
  • do not burn
  • can be adapted to given chemical and physical target parameters
  • have excellent lubricating and hydraulic properties
  • make special chemical reactions possible
  • can selectively take in and release gases
  • can have magnetic properties
  • are microbiologically stable
  • possess properties typical of solids even though they are in a liquid state
Why ionic liquids?

Ionic liquids – Amazing liquid materials with highly attractive physicochemical properties

Be innovative - your chance to redefine the wheel

Ionic liquids - Key facts

Why use ionic liquids?

Ionic liquids made by proionic

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