Ionic Liquids
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Diverse applications for ionic liquids

Benefit from the exceptional properties of ionic liquids for a wide array of applications.

Green solvents - Electrolytes - High temperature cooling - Further applications

Over recent years ionic liquids have gained in importance, causing a growing number of scientists and engineers to investigate possible applications for these liquids because of their unique physical and chemical properties. Their outstanding advantages make them interesting for many applications and offer great potential for new innovative processes.

 Advantages of ILs

  • virtually no vapor pressure, no boiling point
  • non-flammable
  • high electrochemical stability
  • excellent thermal stability up to 300 °C
  • high mechanical, and chemical stabilities
  • electrical conductivity from 50 mS/cm down to µS/cm (20 °C)
  • unusual solvation properties (biomass)
  • attractive tribological properties (lubrication)
  • low compressibility
  • low solubility for apolar gases
  • nanostructural organization
  • no cavitation at high tension
  • anti-microbial properties, no biofouling
  • highly tunable properties by cation and anion variation and combination


 Independently of industry sectors, proionic supports you to put your ideas into practice.


Broad spectrum of diverse applications

proionic serves customers from different industry sectors providing tailor-made solutions

Green solvents

Benefit from the dissolving power of proionic´s strongly coordinating ionic liquids such as EMIM-OAc or BMIM-OAc


High-purity & inflammable ionic liquid electrolytes such as EMIM-TFSI & EMIM-BF4

High temperature cooling

Safe cooling of high temperature processes with IL-B2001

Further applications

Lubricants and hydraulic fluids, air conditioning, hydrogen storage & chemical production processes


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