Ionic Liquids
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More diversity by combining ionic liquids in a modular system

proionic - Unmatched technologies for a more efficient, green and safe technical synthesis of ionic liquids

Key benefits

  • Work with ionic liquid pioneers
  • More than 15 years experience coupled with almost unique strategic positioning
  • Exclusive know-how: 15 patent families with more than 140 granted or filed patents including the CBILS® patents
  • Symbiosis between highly innovative technology development and the application-oriented design of ionic liquids
  • Process and process-engineering based expertise for implementation
  • Scalable and ecological production processes
  • Fully documented and compliant production technology


Technological features - CBILS®

  • Exclusive production technology
  • Efficient production of ultra-pure ionic liquids
  • Safe, halide- and waste-free production
  • Providing all ranges from kg- to ton scale
  • More diversity by combining cations and anions in a modular system
  • Optimum compatibility with diverse materials
  • Applicable for all conventional liquids and any other tailor-made ionic liquid


  • Based on profound know-how and long-term experience
  • Targeted development of application-optimized ionic liquids
  • Development of new applications
  • Application expertise enables targeted implementation of client requests
  • Applied design of ionic liquids
  • Tailor-made solutions according to your specifications
  • All ranges from kg- to ton scale
  • Bestseller ionic liquids in stock


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