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CBILS® - Carbonate Based Ionic Liquid Synthesis

Exclusive ionic liquid production technology

CBILS®, a unique ionic liquid production technology for waste-free, safe and economic production of ultra-pure ionic liquids
Greener and halide-free technical synthesis of ionic liquids with consistent quality

One of the most advanced commercialized methods for a greener industrial production of high-purity ionic liquids is our so-called Carbonate Based Ionic Liquid Synthesis (CBILS®, a registered trademark of proionic GmbH) process. This entirely halide and waste-free production route using carbonic acid esters as quaternization reagents overcomes most of the drawbacks of conventional synthetic approaches and reduces the use of noxious chemicals to a minimum.


Key benefits

  • halide-free ionic liquid products (<5 ppm)
  • water levels in ionic liquids below 50 ppm realizable on large scale
  • perfect cation-anion stoichiometry easily adjustable
  • no waste generated during synthesis/production (high atom economy)
  • purification of products not necessary, except for the distillation of solvent residuals
  • the CBILS® methylcarbonate intermediates are converted quantitatively to the final IL upon reaction with every Brønsted acid, having a pKa <9 (modular system)
  • as an alternative to Brønsted acids, ammonium salts can be used as well
  • easy scale-up to a multi ton level
  • batch and continuous-flow production processes available for various standard products
  • no sophisticated equipment required (high process safety)

proionic's powerful CBILS® ionic liquid production process enables a virtually unlimited combination of cations and anions. Choose your cations and anions from lists of standard ions and put together the desired ionic liquid in a modular system according to your needs.

General concept of the CBILS®-route on the example of 1,3-Dialkylimidazolium ionic liquids.



For details see R.S. Kalb, E.N. Stepurko, V.N. Emel'yanenko and S.P. Verevkin, Phys.Chem.Chem. Phys., 2016, 18, 31904 - 31913


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