Ionic Liquids
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Intrinsically safe high-temperature cooling

Cooling with IL-B2001 (ILTEC Technology, Mettop GmbH)
Re-defining the term safety and becoming Best Available Technology (BAT)

When the standard cooling medium water is replaced by IL-B2001 an explosion free environment is generated that allows cooling of metallurgical devices in a safe and sound manner.

  • Non-corrosive due to the chlorine free chemical composition and production procedure
  • Absolutely no explosive reactivity at contact with liquid metal
  • Operation temperature 50-200 °C
  • Minimum operation temperature -10 °C
  • Almost no vapor pressure below decomposition temperature (~450 °C)

IL-B2001 therefore safeguards people, plants, production capacity and profit.


For applications in the field of metallurgical aggregates proionic collaborates with Mettop GmbH, an acknowledged Austrian plant engineering and design company. The developed cooling medium IL-B2001 is recognized as Best Available Technology (BAT) due to the ability to cool metallurgical devices in a safe manner compared to the standard cooling medium water.

Broad spectrum of diverse applications

proionic serves customers from different industry sectors providing tailor-made solutions

Green solvents

Benefit from the dissolving power of proionic´s strongly coordinating ionic liquids such as EMIM-OAc or BMIM-OAc


High-purity & inflammable ionic liquid electrolytes such as EMIM-TFSI & EMIM-BF4

High temperature cooling

Safe cooling of high temperature processes with IL-B2001

Further applications

Lubricants and hydraulic fluids, air conditioning, hydrogen storage & chemical production processes


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