Ionic Liquids
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proionic’s ionic liquid based hydrogen storage technology


Technology patent opportunity

proionic offers an innovative technology patent opportunity for its ionic liquid-based hydrogen storage technology or searches for industry partners interested in jointly developing this technology to marketability

Technology benefits overcoming existing hydrogen storing challenges

  • Extremely safe and non-flammable
  • Liquid at ambient conditions, pumpable
  • Non cryogen or pressurize
  • Long term stability
  • Release of H2 on demand at ambient conditions, contact with special catalysts
  • High purity of generated hydrogen
  • Simplified transport, conventional infrastructure

Take a look at the video showing ballistics tests performed at Fraunhofer ICT, impressively demonstrating the non-flammability of proionic´s ionic liquid hydrogen storage.


For more information please contact our Head of R&D, Markus Damm


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