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Ionic Liquid Electrolyte Summer Special

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proionic gives you a competitive edge

Profit from our "Electrolyte Summer Special" providing you the entire electrolyte portfolio in lab-scale quantities of 250 g at competitive prices


Following the successful launch of IL- electrolyte BMPyrr FSI and an increasing interest in our offered electrolyte research package, proionic decided to provide the entire electrolyte portfolio in smaller quantities of 250 g as part of an "ELECTROLYTE SUMMER SPECIAL". This offer - valid till 30th of August - is part of proionic’s research programme, supporting research institutions focusing on optimizing key energy storage applications based on IL based electrolytes.

proionic is thereby targeting a worldwide trend towards safer & more environmentally friendly electrolytes with increased performance. The unique combination of physicochemical properties make ionic liquids ideal candidates for key energy storage applications such as batteries & supercapacitors.

IL properties - competitive electrolytes through

  • high electrochemical stability
  • wide operating voltage window (4.5-6 V)
  • high conductivity
  • negligibile vapor pressure & flammability
  • high thermal stability (up to 300-400°C)
  • tunable solvation properties
  • broad liquid range
  • compatibility with various electrode materials
  • environmental compatibility
  • high tunability of properties by structural variations and usage of IL mixtures

proionic's ELECTROLYTE SUMMER SPECIAL: Cost-effective high-quality electrolytes for your research application

The following IL based electrolytes are instantly available in quantities of 250 g. Please visit our webshop to view product specifications and prices.

  • EMIM BF4
  • BMIM BF4
  • BMPyrr TFSI
  • BMPyrr FSI

Please contact us, if you cannot find your desired IL. We offer custom synthesis on request.

According to your specific needs, proionic provides high-purity ionic liquid based electrolytes from kg to ton-scale. REACH registration certificates for several IL-based electrolytes guarentee the large-scale supply. "The huge potential of ionic liquids in different energy related applications has dramatically risen research applications. Due to this proionic wants to give its customers a competitive edge by providing cost-effective high-quality electrolyte samples, says Bernhard Ludwig, Head of Sales. "If you are interested in this special offer please contact us directly."

Bernhard Ludwig, Head of Sales


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