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Proionic teams up with Carl ROTH, a reliable supplier for laboratories for more than 140 years. Their customers will profit from both, a broader product portfolio and proionic’s outstanding ionic liquid quality in the future.29.06.2023
Carl ROTH will take over the official small-scale distribution of proionic's best-selling products. The focus is on products used as electrolytes and as solvents for various (bio)-polymers.

For the first time research institutes will have access to proionic’s ionic liquids in small amounts, which are usually only available on an industrial scale.

Container sizes are 10g and 50g for electrolytes and 25g and 100g for (bio)polymersolvents.

Bernhard Ludwig, Executive Director Operations & Sales:

"We want to further contribute to the development of the ionic liquid market and support R&D and academia by reaction to their need for ionic liquids that are available throughout all development phases, from the gram to the ton scale at reasonable prices and at the same high quality. At proionic, we will continue to focus on larger quantities, but with Carl ROTH we have found a partner that can reliably take over the distribution of small quantities."

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