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During the last few years, research activities focusing on ionic liquids and their use as lubricant or hydraulic fluid steadily increased.22.05.2023
The „ideal lubricant” in general is safe and easy to handle with excellent lubricating properties. Ionic liquids offer interesting possibilities and fulfill several requirements thereof.
Main advantages of ionic liquids are
  • non-flammability
  • non-volatility
  • excellent thermal stability up to 300°C
  • high mechanical and chemical stability
  • low compressibility

In close cooperation with the LaOH (Oil hydraulics laboratory) of the University of Maribor, several ionic liquids were tested. The „ideal lubricant” in general, offers an optimum viscosity via a wide range of temperature, which can be achieved by a shear stable fluid with high viscosity index (VI, indicating no temperature-viscosity dependency) and a low friction coefficient at the start- and operating temperature.

Among the tested ionic liquids, some of them represent outstanding values for VI, covering three viscosity classes of a standard mineral oil. Additionally, the welding load, the wear diameter and the friction coefficient are considerably better than those of the mineral hydraulic oil. Priliminary results on hydraulic fluid pump tests indicate low corrosion or oxidation and a high material compatibility. Most of the tested candidates are standard products and available at proionic.


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