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Galactica project “Iroony” wins award at the final Galactiva event

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Our joint work with RBX won a 9000.- € prize at the final Galactica event in Barcelona.22.05.2023
We are thrilled to announce, that our joint work with RBX on flax and hemp, for textile production using ionic liquids in the Galactica project “Iroony”, was awarded with a 9000.- € prize at the final Galactica event in Barcelona. We want to thank our partners Anne and Charles Reboux from RBX and Antje Ota from DITF. We are happy to be part of such an innovative and successful team!
The EU Galactica project focused on the development of a dissolving pulp from hemp and/or flax as feedstock utilizing an ionic liquid-based process. The generated cellulose pulp was further converted into Cellulosic filaments applying the HighPerCell® technology followed by the production of knit fabric prototypes.


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