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First achievements Interim Report FFG Project Green Frontrunner

FFG Green Frontrunner
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After one year of project duration, the objectives formulated in the funding agreement are considered to be particularly topical and realistic to achieve.20.05.2023
An important goal was already achieved, we demonstrated the recyclability of the imidazolium-based ionic liquids EMIM OAc and EMIM OOc that are used as direct solvents in various processes such as the HighPerCell® process, but also for the production of cellulose-based microbeads as a substitute for plastic microparticles (Naturbeads | Cellulose Solutions for a Green Planet | Microplastics). Recyclability of the ionic liquids is tested in combination with Cellulose pulps obtained from partners and customers. For individual IL/Cellulose pulp combinations recycling rates of the ionic liquids higher than 99.5 % were achieved without losing dissolution capacity in the follow up dissolution step. Another highlight to be mentioned is the filing of a patent utilizing distillable ionic liquids (DILs) for the selective removal of lignin from various Biomass feedstocks or for the pretreatment of biomass in general. In addition to the selection of the right distillable ionic liquid, the patent describes the crucial technology to reseparate the digested biomass from the ionic liquid, in other words, again the recycling of the distillable ionic liquid is described. This so-called HIPE-REC® (High Performance Recovery) technology provides the key to success for e.g. biofuel production and will be able to contribute greatly to CO2 reduction.
Roland Kalb, Executive Director R&D / Founder: 
“I have already presented the HIPE-REC® technology at relevant conferences and meetings with great resonance this year. Furthermore, our cooperation with the JBEI (Joint Bio Energy Institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA) has been intensified, in order to further advance the overall technology for the production of biofuels and bio-platform chemicals with ionic liquids.”


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