Ionic Liquids
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Robust and cost-effective recycling of ionic liquids

Design, delivery and operation of IL recycling units
Economically viable and green biomass dissolution processes

One of the most important applications of ionic liquids (ILs) is their use as a solvent for natural polymers. In particular, solutions of cellulose, chitosan, and chitin in ILs are used for the production of fibers, coatings, composites, and new materials. So far, the cost of ionic liquid sometimes limits the competitiveness of corresponding processes.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to develop robust and cost-effective IL recycle and recovery technologies to allow for economically and ecologically viable ionic liquid processes.

Key to success - reducing costs through recycling and economies of scale

Long-standing experience in the production of ionic liquids and development of corresponding chemical processes has led to a deep knowledge in chemical process engineering and process technology.

In order to facilitate economically viable ionic liquid based (biomass dissolution) processes, proionic offers its support in common projects to develop and optimize recycling processes in accordance to customer’s needs. In addition, proionic can even offer the design and delivery of IL recycling units. VTU Engineering GmbH, a leading Austrian process engineering company, acts as proionic's expert partner in the design and engineering of customer's recycling units.

Key benefits
  •  Costs estimations CapEx / OpEx possible at early stage
  • Units delivered by proionic
  • Used IL is processed at fixed fee (€/kg solution) as long as it is in specified range
  • IL losses within customer’s process are replaced at a fixed fee (€/kg IL)
  • Ionic liquid can be considered as a utility with predictable operating costs
  • Competitive performance further raised through economies of scale


Prof. Dr. Robin D. Rogers, World Renowned Expert in Ionic Liquids:

“The recycle of ILs is key to profitability of virtually any IL technology, but even more so in the field of biomass dissolution, where the recycle must be integrated into the entire process. That is what makes proionic’s IL recycling capability and partnership with VTU Engineering so important. It is not JUST the recycle, its more about how it works within a specific process.”

Dr. Robin D. Rogers

President/Owner/Founder, 525 Solutions, Inc., Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

Research Professor, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, US


Robin D. Rogers, Research Professor, The University of Alabama, and Roland Kalb, Founder of proionic



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