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Ionic Liquid Workshop

Explore the potential of ionic liquids

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How to identify areas of application for ionic liquids in your company
proionic now offers you the opportunity to dive into the world of ionic liquids. Profit from proionic’s deep knowledge in a compact single-day workshop format (online or on-site), including an educational lecture on ionic liquids, tailormade for your specific areas of interest, revealing ionic liquids opportunities worth doing a Proof of Concept (POC).

The pressing global challenges require development and innovation of truly sustainable technologies. Ionic liquids and their unique properties offer abundant possibilities in various industrial applications. They are game changing technology enablers, offering “out of the box” solutions. Their time is about to come right now!

Explore the potential of ionic liquids in your area of interest

  • Understand ionic liquids basics and potential applications
  • Identify areas of application for ionic liquids with your whole App and R&D team
  • Qualify applications together with ionic liquid experts - do you have ideas that justify a Proof of concept?
  • After a single day you understand the potential of ionic liquids, companywide!

The workshop will be led by Dr. Roland Kalb, proionic’s founder and CSTO, who is a pioneer and world-renowned expert in ionic liquids. He has more than 20 years of practical experience in development, production, and technical application of ionic liquids. He is inventor on numerous international patents and patent applications and a member of multiple technical advisory boards, including Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.

Reference - Refractory industry
On a single workshop day with 30+ participants 110 ideas were found. 9 promising application areas were defined and 3 POCs were done. Finally, 1 implementation was successfully established, allowing significant improvements in tool production processes with regards to performance, quality and cost reduction (80%).

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