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"The pressing global challenges require development and innovation of truly sustainable technologies. Due to their unique properties, there are abundant possibilities to apply ionic liquids in various industries. Ionic liquids are game changing technology enablers, offering “out of the box” solutions; their time is about to come right now.

Do you want to explore the potential of ionic liquids in your area of interest?

proionic helps you to identify areas of application for ionic liquids in your company within a workshop held by proionic’s founder and scientific-technical director, Dr. Roland Kalb. Evaluate the potential of ionic liquids as a technology enabler or processing aid to commercialize your innovative ideas or to enable more competitive, greener or more sustainable technologies allowing you to grow your business.

Roland Kalb is a key expert in ionic liquids, with almost 20 years of practical experience in development, production and technical application of ionic liquids. He is inventor on numerous international patents and patent applications and a member of multiple technical advisory boards.

In this workshop, we bring your expertise within your industry together with our long-standing experience in the production of ionic liquids and development of corresponding chemical processes. Together, we want to create new ideas of how your company can benefit from the unique properties of ionic liquids.

Download our more detailed information on proionic’s tailor-made ionic liquid workshop.

IONIC LIQUID WORKSHOP - How to identify areas of application for ionic liquids in your company
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