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proionic to broaden its service portfolio by ionic liquid recycling

proionic is proud to announce to further raise industrial competitiveness of biomass dissolution processes by integration of robust and cost-effective IL recycle and recovery technologies. proionic's service portfolio is thereby expanded by the design, delivery and operation of IL recycling units. VTU Engineering acts as the partner in design & engineering

One of the most important applications of ionic liquids (ILs) is their use as a solvent for natural polymers. In particular, solutions of cellulose, chitosan, and chitin in ILs are used for the production of fibers, coatings, composites, and new materials. The cost of certain ionic liquids and difficulties in recycling have limited the use of ionic liquids in many of the processes where they have shown potential.

As a pioneer and leading player in the field of ton-scale ionic liquid production, proionic addresses cost-issues by providing economies of scale. REACH registration certificates for several ionic liquids guarantee the large-scale supply. In order to further raise economical success, proionic now eliminates known limitations by integration of recycling units into the ionic liquid based processes. Robust and cost-effective IL recycle and recovery technologies developed at proionic allow for economically and ecologically viable ionic liquid based (biomass dissolution) processes. 

Matching and affordable IL recycling / re-use process know-how

Long-standing experience in the production of ionic liquids and development of corresponding chemical processes has led to a deep knowledge in chemical process engineering and process technology. 

Key benefits
  • Costs estimations CapEx / OpEx possible at early stage
  • Units delivered by proionic
  • Used IL is processed at fixed fee (€/kg solution) as long as it is in specified range 
  • IL losses within customer’s process are replaced at a fixed fee (€/kg IL)
  • Ionic liquid can be considered as a utility with predictable operating costs
  • Competitive performance further raised through economies of scale

proionic offers its support in common projects to develop and optimize recycling processes in accordance to customer’s needs. VTU Engineering GmbH, a leading Austrian process engineering company, acts as proionic's expert partner in the design and engineering of customer's recycling units.

Please contact Bernhard Ludwig to discuss your next biomass dissolution project.
proionic to present at the 2nd International Conference on Cellulose Fibres, online, 2-3 February 2021
Join Markus' presentation on "Cellulose Recovery from Various Feedstocks Utilising Bionic Liquids" demonstrating the efficiency of ionic liquids to dissolve various types of biomass feedstocks.

Dr. Markus Damm, proionic's Head of R&D
"Cellulose Recovery from Various Feedstocks Utilising Bionic Liquids"
Day 2, 3 February 2021, 2:55 pm  "Alternative feedstocks" stream

Since the early 2000s, ionic liquids are known as efficient and green solvents for cellulose and other biopolymers that are structurally quite different from each other (e.g. hemicellulose, lignin, chitin, etc.) [1]. During the last years the focus of many activities was directed on the recycling of textiles, the production and finishing of textile fibers, or the valorization of Biomass waste streams using biobased ionic liquids [2]
The current work describes the utilization of various ionic/bionic liquids for the abovementioned applications and evaluates their efficiency of dissolving lignocellulosic biomass. Crucial to obtain an economically feasible process at the end of the day is process optimization and recycling of the ionic liquid solvent system which will be a main part of the presented work.

[1] R. P. Swatloski et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 124, 18, 2002, 4974
[2] N. Sun et al., Green Chem. 16, 2014, 2546

Cellulose (right) obtained from shredded hemp hurds (left) using an ionic liquid.
(picture with friendly permisson of RBX Créations - Iroony project)
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