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2021 in review

Ionic liquids continuously attract the interest of the industry. Since the last decade, the number of patents and publications related to ionic liquids as well as the number of up-scaled ionic liquid products have been rising steadily. It was not without a reason that the popular magazine "Chemical & Engineering News" released an article with the title “For ionic liquids, the time is now” (Alexander H. Tullo, C&EN 2020, 98 (5), 24 – 27).
Global IL Product & IP Development
Number of patents and publications (cumulative) found in CAS SciFinder™ database using search term “ionic liquids”; R. Kalb in: „For ionic liquids, the time is now”, Chemical & Engineering News, 2020, Vol. 98, (5), 24-27.

Theoretical ILs: multi billion
Synthesized ILs: multi 10.000
Commercially available ILs:
g - 10 kg scale: ~ 500
10 kg - 1000 kg: ~ 50
multi ton scale: ~ 15
There is a long list of key application sectors for ILs:
  • electrochemical cells and devices
  • biotechnology
  • industrial solvents
  • chemical reactions reagents
  • engineering fluids
  • separation processes
  • analytics
  • metal finishing
Not all applications are public, but a good summary of what companies are willing to present is the book “Commercial Applications of Ionic liquids” (Mark B. Shiflett, 2020, Springer Link), where proionic’s Executive Director Roland Kalb also contributed to.

proionic is working in the field of ionic liquids for more than 15 years. Many companies now do seek to benefit from this long track record and especially from proionic’s experience in the successful scale-up of ionic liquids in consideration of technological and economic feasibility.
proionic is selected as a green frontrunner by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). Our research project “Ionic Circular Eco” will be funded by the FFG within the next three years. This project allows the development of an ionic liquid-based technology platform to make i) a decisive contribution to reduce greenhouse gases and to ii) improve the value of waste streams in a circular economy.
Markus Damm, Head of R&D
“We at proionic believe in the future of ionic liquids as green solvents. Future research activities in our “Ionic Circular Eco” project will focus on the development and synthesis of bio-based ionic liquids and natural deep eutectic mixtures and their use as recyclable solvents for various types of natural raw materials and waste streams.”
Joint development of JKU Linz and proionic
In line with this topic, proionic is pleased to be a part of the FFG founded e!MISSION project “Plas-Ion-PhotoKat”. Together with experts in the field of plasmonic nanostructures (Prof. Klar, Institute of Applied Physics, IAP) and organic solar systems (Prof. Sariciftci, Linz Institute for Organic Solar Cells, LIOS) from the Johannes Keppler University (JKU) Linz, we will focus on the plasmonic/ionic co-catalysis of solar methane and other alkanes or alcohols by using photocatalysis from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. Up to now, the technical realization is hampered by the absence of catalysts, which are suitable, economic, and implementable on a technological scale, and the use of halide free ionic liquids. From an ecological point of view, research activities in the field of solar methane catalysis have great potential, as this process i) consumes CO2 ii) may be used as CO2 capture and storage tool and more important iii) allows the production of CO2 neutral fuels for industrial applications.
Custom Chemical Manufacturing, Process Development and Scale-up Support
In addition to ionic liquids proionic offers chemical process development and scale up support as a separate service. Processes will be developed, optimized, and prepared for commercially viable production of your chemical compound.
Bernhard Ludwig, Executive Director Operations & Sales
"The transfer of new processes to larger scales is of vital importance to demonstrate manufacturability and evaluate process economy. Especially start-ups often lack the possibilities to scale up within their own facility. Thus, proionic has decided to support emerging technologies by offering the possibility to use its facilities and to profit from proionic’s scale-up experience.”
Explore the potential of ionic liquids in your area of interest

proionic offers a compact single-workshop day format (online or on-site) including an educational lecture on ionic liquids, tailormade for your specific areas of interest, revealing ionic liquids opportunities worth doing a Proof of Concept (POC). The workshop will be led by Dr. Roland Kalb, proionic’s founder and CSTO, who is a pioneer and world-renowned expert in the field of ionic liquids.

For more information, please download the IONIC LIQUID WORKSHOP OUTLINE.
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