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proionic to broaden its IL based electrolyte portfolio by BMPyrr FSI

proionic is proud to announce to have further broadened its webshop & IL based electrolyte portfolio by BMPyrr FSI - a unique ionic liquid with unprecedented properties for energy related applications. proionic is thereby targeting a worldwide trend toward safer & more environmentally friendly electrolytes with increased performance. The unique combination of physicochemical properties make ionic liquids ideal candidates for key energy storage applications such as batteries & supercapacitors.

IL properties - competitive electrolytes through 
  • high electrochemical stability
  • wide operating voltage window (4.5-6 V)
  • high conductivity
  • negligibile vapor pressure & flammability
  • high thermal stability (up to 300-400°C)
  • tunable solvation properties
  • broad liquid range 
  • compatibility with various electrode materials
  • environmental compatibility
  • high tunability of properties by structural variations and usage of IL mixtures
Thanks to the widened electrochemical stability, pyrrolidinium-based ILs are the most widely investigated for lithium-ion-battery as well as for sodium-ion-battery applications ( Our new electrolyte candidate BMPyrr FSI stands out due its broad electrochemical window of close to 6V. 
BMPyrr FSI 1-Butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide

CAS-Number: 1057745-51-3
Electrochemical window: close to 6V
Melting point: -18 °C
Density @ 25 °C: 1,31 g/cm3
Viscosity @ 25 °C: 53 mPas
Conductivity @ 25 °C: 6 mS/cm
The following IL based electrolytes are instantly available through our webshop. Please follow the links to view product specifications and prices. 
Please contact us, if you can't find your desired IL. We offer tailor-made synthesis on request.

Our broadened electrolyte portfolio, combined with our green & sustainable ionic liquid production technology known as CBILS® and large-scale facillities for the production of high-purity electrolytes even at ton-scale, enables proionic to provide a host of economically viable solutions for the energy-related industry, says Markus Damm, Head of R&D. 
CBILS® - Greener and halide-free technical synthesis of ionic liquids with consistent quality

"Ionic liquid production processes at proionic are based on CBILS® and are designed to deliver constant high-quality of ultra-pure & halide-free ionic liquids. Additionally to environmental compatibility, cost-efficiency & quality aspects such as a low water content of < 20 ppm as well as long-term usability address industry needs."

Key Benefits 
  • halide-free ionic liquid products (<5 ppm)
  • water levels in ionic liquids below 50 ppm realizable on large scale
  • perfect cation-anion stoichiometry easily adjustable
  • no waste generated during synthesis/production (high atom economy)
  • purification of products not necessary, except for the distillation of solvent residuals
  • the CBILS® methylcarbonate intermediates are converted quantitatively to the final IL upon reaction with every Brønsted acid, having a pKa <9 (modular system)
  • easy scale-up to a multi ton level
  • batch and continuous-flow production processes available for various standard products
  • no sophisticated equipment required (high process safety)
TON-SCALE - Profit from the economy of scale
An increasing demand for high-purity ionic liquids especially in the electronic & automotive industry induced the upscaling and REACH Registration of our highly potent electrolyte candidates EMIM TFSI and EMIM BF4. This makes proionic to one of the largest volume producers worldwide and Europe's sole supplier of IL based electrolytes at ton-scale. Enlarging the production capacity goes along with a clear cost advantage for our customers.
According to your specific needs, we provide you with high-purity ionic liquid based electrolytes from kg to ton-scale.
If you are interested in smaller quantities please contact us directly for your research package of 3 or more different electrolyte candidates.

Bernhard Ludwig, Head of Sales

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