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Ionic Liquids
par excellence

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Your individual solution through next-generation ionic liquid technologies as well as long-term experience & extensive know-how

proionic, a pioneer in the field and globally leading manufacturer and supplier of ionic liquids, offers innovative solutions for the efficient & competitive development & production of ionic liquids and corresponding applications.


proionic - CBILS® - Carbonate Based Ionic Liquid Synthesis

Exclusive technologies and long-time experience are the basis for world´s most innovative ionic liquid manufacturing technology. proionic stands out due its exclusive CBILS® ionic liquid production technology for the halide-free, economic, safe and green production of highest-purity ionic liquids from kg- to ton scale.

Features - CBILS®

  • Exclusive production technology
  • Efficient production of ultra-pure ionic liquids
  • Halide-free, safe and green production
  • Providing all ranges from kg- to ton scale
  • More diversity by combining cations and anions in a modular system
  • Optimum compatibility with diverse materials
  • Applicable for all conventional liquids and any other tailor-made ionic liquid


Ionic Liquid Production & Development Service

Production of  ionic liquids from kg - to ton-scale

Research & technology development

proionc's webshop providing established ionic liquids for a wide range of applications


Meet us at the 27th Conference on Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids - EuCheMSIL October 7-12, 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

As a sponsor and exhibitor of EuCheMSIL we will be pleased to welcome you at our booth. Please contact our team for the arrangement of a meeting.


proionic GmbH
Parkring 18, 8074 Raaba-Grambach, Austria

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