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  • Successful OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT Certification of EMIM-OAc
  • Ionic Liquid based cooling Technology - ILTEC Technology by Mettop GmbH
  • Galactica project “Iroony” wins award at the final Galactiva event
Successful OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT Certification of 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazoliumacetate

The first proionic product is successfully certified by OEKO-TEX®, stating that 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate (EMIM-OAc) can be used for the human-ecological optimized textile & leather production in accordance with OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT.
OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT is an independent, multi-stage testing and certification system for chemicals, colourants and auxiliaries used to manufacture textiles and leather. 
The results of the test of proionic’s EMIM-OAc prove that there are no harmful substances in critical concentrations as listed in the ECO PASSPORT standard.
Further it is verified that EMIM-OAc meets specific requirements for safety, sustainability, and regulatory compliance. Included with this, conformity in accordance with EN ISO 17050-1 was declared as required by OEKO-TEX.
Julia Zelenka, Certified Quality Manager: 
"As this certification system is designed for manufacturers of process chemicals and chemical compounds, it was the next logical step for proionic to achieve this certificate in underlining proionic’s green CBILS® production process. Furthermore, this label also gives transparent proof of which items meet the criteria for ecologically responsible textile and leather manufacture.”
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For any questions concerning proionic`s quality management please contact:
Julia Zelenka
Certified Quality Manager
Ionic Liquid based cooling Technology - ILTEC Technology by Mettop GmbH 

In the field of metallurgical aggregates proionic collaborates with Mettop GmbH, an Austrian engineering company, specialized in the design, optimization, and engineering of technologies for metallurgical processes. Mettop developed and patented a new and revolutionary water free cooling technology, namely ILTEC. Hereby water as standard cooling medium is replaced by proionic’s cooling medium IL-B2001; especially in highly stressed and critical areas of furnaces. The properties of the ionic liquid IL-B2001 - lack of vapour pressure, broad operation window, lack of corrosion due to the production through proionic’s patented CBILS® route - make it perfectly suitable for cooling of a wide range of applications in the field of metallurgy. Advantages of using IL-B2001 instead of water as cooling medium:
  • Non-corrosive due to the chlorine free chemical composition and production procedure
  • Absolutely no explosive reactivity at contact with liquid metal
  • Operation temperature 50-200 °C (using water only allows temperatures up to 60 °C)
  • Minimum operation temperature +15 °C
The ILTECH Technology is suitable for industrial scale applications, can easily replace water as cooling medium in already existing cooling systems in plants and facilitates and enables more efficient heat recovery, while at the same time providing a perfectly safe operation mode for all application fields (Fig.1).
With the development of the ILTECH Technology, METTOP has clearly fulfilled their motivation-driven approach to making metallurgical plants safer.
Furthermore, this revolutionary new approach allows cooling of areas where water cooling systems would be way too risky so far, creating new solution paths. Cooling beneath bath level within side walls and cooling of tap holes and parts underneath smelter vessels can now be realised. Combined with a new design of coolers and the concept of high intensity coolers producing a freeze lining, this technology allows novel and innovative cooling solutions.
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For more information on ionic liquids and their use as coolong agent  please contact
Markus Damm                                             and      Andreas Filzwieser
Head of R&D                                                            Managing Director                      
T: +43 664 889 339 43                                             T: +43 664 88 60 45 50
Galactica project “Iroony” wins award at the final Galactiva event

We are thrilled to announce, that our joint work with RBX on flax and hemp, for textile production using ionic liquids in the Galactica project “Iroony”, was awarded with a 9000.- € prize at the final Galactica event in Barcelona. We want to thank our partners Anne and Charles Reboux from RBX and Antje Ota from DITF. We are happy to be part of such an innovative and successful team!
The EU Galactica project focused on the development of a dissolving pulp from hemp and/or flax as feedstock utilizing an ionic liquid-based process. The generated cellulose pulp was further converted into Cellulosic filaments applying the HighPerCell® technology followed by the production of knit fabric prototypes.
Proud Anne Reboux with Galactica award.
Knit fabric prototype from cellulose filaments gained from HighPerCell® technology.
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