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Ionic liquids as greener solvents – gentle dissolution of (bio-) polymers

Read our latest article published together with DITF in the "Worldwide Textile Journal 2/2021"
Quite recently, proionic's Head of R&D, Markus Damm and Antje Ota from the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf, DITF, published an article in melliand International (Worldwide Textile Journal) 2/2021 focusing on ionic liquids as a versatile tool for (bio-) polymer treatment and dissolution. Both authors highlighted ionic liquids as a key enabling technology helping to create low environmental impact materials from divers (bio-) polymer sources.

Smooth and gentle dissolution
Ionic liquid solvents attract hydrogen bonds in (bio-) polymers, but do not affect or deconstruct the molecule itself, allowing a smooth and gentle dissolution of e.g., cellulose, chitin, chitosan, silk, aramid fibers, PA, PET, and others [1], [2].

Ionic liquid recycling
Critical for the economic success of an ionic liquid-based process is the recycling of the ionic liquid solvent. Up to date, recycling rates higher 99% are realizable considering different classes of ionic liquids and feedstock/product combinations.

HighPerCell technology
The German Institute of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf (DITF) introduced the HighPerCell technology, an imidazolium based ionic liquid spinning process of cellulose or chitin, allowing the production of endless multi-filament fibers with properties exceeding those of commercial tire cord fibers [3-7].

Clarus technology
Another ionic liquid-based process, the Clarus technology from natural fiber welding (NFW) enables the production of high-quality yarns from cellulosic biopolymers. The raw materials in this ionic liquid welding process are not completely dissolved, but the dissolution on the surface allows the formation of selectively fused fibers with improved tear resistance [8].

Link to the article including references
Key benefits of ionic liquids as efficient solvents for gentle dissolution of (bio-) polymers
  • excellent chemical and thermal stability
  • non-flammability
  • safe and non-complicated handling, compared to conventional solvents
  • selective to complete dissolution of a wide range of (bio-) polymers under rather mild conditions
  • recyclable and reusable

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Markus Damm, Head of R&D

“We at proionic believe in the future of ionic liquids as green solvents. Thus (bio-) polymers have been chosen to be one of two focus segments.” 
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